I’m a pastor, professor, and sometime skateboarder from Portland.


I’m a pastor at Door of Hope church and a professor of biblical studies at Western Seminary, where I get to introduce people to the wonderfully compelling story of Jesus and the Scriptures. 

I also co-founded a non-profit called The Bible Project, that creates animated short films to help people explore the grand narrative and theological themes of the Bible.

On this site I’ve collected a bunch of my sermons, teachings, and creative projects from the last few years. I hope you find them interesting and helpful! 



I'm a pastor at Door of Hope, a seven year old church in the heart of Portland. 


I teach Biblical studies at Western Seminary and other venues.

And then there's also...


The Bible Project

I co-founded a creative design studio that's producing short animated videos that explore the theological themes and design of all the books of the Bible. Oh, and we have a podcast!


Recent Events

In our first lecture in the Year of Biblical Literacy lecture series, Tim Mackie, a Hebrew Bible Scholar and co-founder of The Bible Project, spoke on "The Making of the Bible." He focused on on how the canonized text we call the Bible became the Bible. Hosted by RealitySF on January 18th, 2016 at Dolores Park Church For mor information on the Year of Biblical Literacy, please visit www.bible.realitysf.com